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Kolloquiums-Reihe Institut für Informatik

58:03 Min 109 Aufrufe 26.05.2016
Produktion Maximilian Illhardt

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Model Based Testing Approach for Objective Fidelity Evaluation

58:03 Min10.10.2016109 Aufrufe


Flying is safer than; Aviation in the Pioneer Era; The Age of Ideas; The Antionette Learning Barrel; Flight Simulations; History of Flight Simulator in DLR; AVES - AIr Vehicle Simulator; Research for Tomorrow Aviation; The Enabling Simulation -based; Fronti nulla fides!; Simulation Fidelity; The Motivation; The Objectives and the Approvicies ; Mode-Based-Testing; The education at Model Based Methodics; System-Model-Metamodel; Metamodelling; A sample Test Case; Experimental Frame; Test Cases amd Experimental Frame; Ontology Fidelity Evaliations Ontology; Test Description; Model Transformations; System Entity Structure and Model Base Framework; System Entity Struture; Experimental Frame System Entity Structure; Objective Fidelity Evaluation System Entity Structure; Pruning; Translation; Overall Test Automation; A Sample SES; Model Base; Test Source File; Auto- Generated Test Case; Related Work; Favorable Outcomes; Forther Challenges; Genralizing and Promoting; Questions and Answers

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