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Simulation Science Workshop 2019

05:03 hrs 249 Views 10.May.2019
Sound Tobias Schmiedel
Camera Tobias Spanier
Recording Oliver Müller
Visual mixer Tobias Spanier
Assistance / Sound Tim Brodhage

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Chapter overview

Insights into the role of mechanics on microstructure in metallic materials using phase field models

Prof. Dr. Benoît Appolaire, University of Lorraine, Nancy (France)
45:58 min08.May.201940 ViewsEnglish


Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of High Velocity Impact of a Copper Partical: Insights on the Cold Spray Process

Saeed Rahmati, University of Ottawa, Cold Spray Laboratory
14:40 min08.May.201913 ViewsEnglish


Molecular dynamics study on mechanical response of alumina coated aluminum nano-wires under tension and compression

Dr. rer. nat. Yudi Rosandi, Universitas Padjadjaran
30:31 min08.May.201917 ViewsEnglish


Numerical determination of the transport properties of nanoporous materials using Brownian dynamics

M.Sc. Hector Rusinque, Institute of Applied Mechanics, TU Clausthal
16:19 min08.May.201916 ViewsEnglish


Microstructure dependent effective elastic properties of a polypropylene plate via a multiscale simulation of the injection moulding process

Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Laschet, ACCESS e.V., RWTH Aachen University
42:22 min09.May.20195 ViewsEnglish


A novel approach to multiscale MD/FE simulations of frictional contacts

M.Sc. Henrik-Johannes Stromberg, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, TU Clausthal
20:24 min09.May.201933 ViewsEnglish


Atomistic simulations of bcc-hcp transformations in Fe-C

M.Sc. Hoang-Thien Luu, Institute of Applied Mechanics, TU Clausthal
28:15 min09.May.201918 ViewsEnglish


Insights into the mechanics of biomineralization in molluscan shells using the Potts model

PD Dr. Dana Zöllner, B Cube - Center for Molecular Bioengineering, Dresden
24:23 min09.May.201917 ViewsEnglish


Generative Design Solutions for Free-form Structures Based on Biomimicry

M.Sc. Gaurab Sundar Dutta, Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics Engineering, TU Clausthal
19:09 min09.May.201920 ViewsEnglish


Challenges and considerations in the numerical modeling of the intermetallic layer growth during continuous casting of bimetallic composite materials

M.Sc. Vanessa Glück Nardi, Institute of Metallurgy, TU Clausthal
21:05 min10.May.201923 ViewsEnglish


Synthetic packing generation for CFD-Simulations: Blender vs. DEM

M.Sc. Steffen Flaischlen, Institute of Chemical and Elektrochemical Process Engineering, TU Clausthal
17:30 min10.May.201916 ViewsEnglish


Hybrid turbulence models and big data algorithms for analysis and investigation of turbomachinery flows

Dipl.-Ing. Christian-Henrik Walter, Institute of Applied Mechanics, TU Clausthal
23:18 min10.May.201931 ViewsEnglish


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